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In Christianity, addiction can be regarded as being sinful, because it is an act which eventually results in destruction. It is something which does not end good for anyone. A person who is addicted knows about this, even though they are not fully conscious about it. The truth still remains that, since they go on with their addictive act, it is what makes it sinful.

Basically, someone who is addicted would be a selfish person, as they would only think about themselves, and no one else. The pleasure which they derive from the addiction process is self-satisfactory and hence, they do not put anyone into consideration when carrying out their sinful act.

Addiction also improves the worse nature of the individual, and makes their better nature worse. It also destroys any form of relationship which the person has with anyone. In addition, the person’s health, finances and the likes are also adversely affected.

However, one benefit which Christians enjoy is Grace, and this is what aids Christians in overcoming addiction. Grace is much bigger than the nature of sin. When Grace took the place of the Law, sin became a thing of the past, as it was forgiven now and always.

There was no sin under the penalty of the law anymore. Better put, this meant that, there was simply no sin which God could not forgive, no matter the degree. Hence, this also includes addiction in the list.

Addiction is a condition whereby the person is obsessed and focused on a specific form of pleasure which is either given by a substance or an act. It is a sinful and selfish state which can be forgiven because of the grace of God. There are some schools of thoughts who are of the opinion that addiction cannot be forgiven. However, since Grace is in the picture, it is overlooked and it becomes a thing of the past.

Receiving forgiveness because of Grace ensures that we are linked to our highest calling, and this Grace can be extended to other addicts, as it can help them in overcoming addiction.